Art Moves: Bulawayo toGlasgow

Art Moves is a collaborative project exploring intangible culture in Southern Africa and continual rise of unemployment amongst the youth through musicality and dance workshops and performances to build skill development and professional opportunities.

This project has been devised in line with both Mema Arts (Zimbabwe) and MANY Studios' (UK) wider aims and objectives to preserve traditions within Zimbabwean culture, provide professional skills and training to youth groups in Zimbabwe, break down prejudice and stereotypical perceptions of Africa in the West and break down barriers to creative practice in Scotland.

Workshops and events in Zimbabwe and Scotland will have traditional Zimbabwean instrument Mbira at the core.

When: Jan – May 2017 @manystudios @artsmema


Tribe Animation Series

This is an inter-practise project between a script writer, animator and script editor. This project will help in the development script writing skills in the animation sector in Zimbabwe. The project led by a young creative, Tendai Nyeke (script writer) will work with a UK based mentor and Zimbabwean animator with the eventual aim to produce an animation series bible, visual look book, pilot script and trailer. The project will share what is learned with aspiring animation writers and artists for replication in future standalone programs, at learning institutions or festivals and markets locally and internationally.

When: Feb – Sept 2017 Twitter: @tendayiness Instagram: tendiextravagant


Beyond The Yonder:

Young poet- facilitators in Bulawayo, Harare and Edinburgh transcending their environments and positively influencing their audiences and readership. Young people are a marginalised majority, both the most vulnerable and most creative sector of the population. Their views are not listened to in family and public life, they are left out of the decisions which affect their lives and their exclusion makes them vulnerable to abuse. This project seeks enhance the skills, audiences and influence of 10 young poet- facilitators (who have already been published in several books) to generate discussions with other young Zimbabweans on different social issues and connect them to young artist/facilitators in Edinburgh; who are also striving to enhance youth voices and participation.

When: Jan – Oct 2017




The project aims to use short stories, photography and interviews to explore the topic of black Zimbabwean mothers with mixed-race / dual heritage children. Through a series of workshops, letter exchanges and interviews, the project will culminate in a reading and exhibition which transfers to a multi-media blog.

Short stories and photography will be used to tell large narratives using very little. The subject matter is heavily related to language and imagery thus these art forms engages and communicates the core issues of the project. NaMankosi will tell these stories and exhibit images to showcase the differences in narratives of mixed raced people in the UK and Zimbabwe.

When: Feb – April 2017


The Unified Women

The Unified Women:

The Young Vic theatre UK in partnership with Nhimbe Trust will produce The Unified Women Project, which will provide cultural exchange between twenty young women and emerging creatives in both the UK and Zimbabwe through collaboration to produce a unique theatre piece. The project will empower and increase the confidence of participants, as well as improve their literacy, communication and presentation skills.

This project will empower young women aged 18 - 25 from some of the most vulnerable communities in both London and Bulawayo, as they come together to jointly create a theatre piece inspired by The Suppliant Women.

The theatre piece created will explore topical themes such as migration, conflict, feminism and the ways in which the ideas relate to their lives and differing experiences. Together with a director from the UK, the participants will workshop, rehearse, and then perform a sharing of what they have produced.

When: Jan – Nov 2017


These Images are Stories

The project brings together 20x young female artists from Harare and London to collaborate with an experienced photography artist and writer in each setting. Through digital online sharing and responding to photography and poetry creative conversations will explore the role young women can play in shaping and improving the world around them, resulting in a curated online exhibition.

When: Feb – July 2017