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Welcome to the Digital Library

The Digital Library offers you access to wide-ranging resources, from academic resources, prime newspapers and magazines, to award-winning films, UK theatre productions and audiobooks. The Digital Library has no boundaries - you can access it anytime, anywhere and on any of your devices with Internet connectivity.

The Digital Library membership allows you to:

- Access our digital library from home or on the go on any device

- Download best-selling e-books and audiobooks and popular international magazines

- Get access to thousands of academic e-books and journals, digital graphic novels and software tutorials

- Access to the Proquest Business Collection for scholarly journals, trade publications, dissertations, working papers, market reports, newspapers, and other sources relevant to business and economics

- Stream films and theatre productions straight from the UK

- Explore the complete Digital library


How to Join the British Council Digital Library 

Step 1: Make a payment of ZWL$51,540 or USD$20.00

Make an RTGS or USD Bank Transfer to:

ZWL$ Account - British Council Zimbabwe, Stanbic Bank, account number 9140000223092,  Minerva Branch,  Harare

USD$ Account - British Council Zimbabwe, Stanbic Bank, account number 9140000882703,  Minerva Branch,  Harare

Please clearly highlight the reason for payment as “British Council Digital Library for [Your Name]”, for example, “British Council Digital Library for John Dube

Do not use the ZIPIT facility for the payment

Quote your full name for the deposit, or;

Make an Ecocash ZWL$ payment to:

British Council Bulawayo Merchant Code: 014352 

Step 2: Email us your proof of payment to general.enquiries@britishcouncil.org.zw

Please include your name, surname, contact details and date of birth in the email

Step 3: After receipt of your payment, an activation email will be sent to your email address within 48 hours

Digital Library membership will expire after 12 months from the day of activation


Before making your payment, please read the privacy section of our website, www.britishcouncil.org/privacy, or contact our local British Council office. We will keep your information in line with our retention policies from the time of collection.