Joining hands
Who we work with

Our partners include trusted corporations, top educational institutes and charities. They are as diverse as our global networks. We encourage you to consider joining this prestigious list of British Council partners.

Old Mutual Zimbabwe

Old Mutual is a diversified international financial services group listed on the stock exchange in London, South Africa, Malawi, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

The group has a reputation for integrity, financial strength and value-for-money, and is dedicated to satisfying client needs for wealth creation and protection – in profitable ways.  Old Mutual has solid foundations established on one core promise: the commitment to always deliver value to its clients.

Old Mutual Zimbabwe offers services to Zimbabwe-based clients via a focused range of products including life assurance, asset management, unit trusts, property development and management, short-term insurance and banking services. Clients include most of the large local institutions and the major multinationals represented in Zimbabwe, as well as individuals. Old Mutual has conducted business in Zimbabwe for over 110 years.

British Friends of the Zimbabwe Academy of Music (BZAM)

BZAM is a UK registered charity, founded in 2011, with the specific aims of:

  • helping to secure the future of the Zimbabwe Academy of Music; and 
  • working with the Academy to find ways of sharing its resources to provide music education to the broadest possible section of the Bulawayo community.  

Goethe-Zentrum Harare/Zimbabwe-German Society (GZH/ZGS)

The Zimbabwe-German Society (ZGS) is a non-profit making organisation.  It was established in 1983 to foster mutual knowledge and understanding between the people of Zimbabwe and the people of Germany, as well as any other interested persons. 

The Society accomplishes this task by promoting and supporting upcoming cultural activities to create a bigger cultural identity and by supporting Zimbabwean artists and the cultural scene in Zimbabwe through providing a platform for career development. In 1996 the Society announced its inclusion into the Goethe-Institut family and since then is officially called the Goethe-Zentrum Harare/Zimbabwe-German Society (GZH/ZGS). 

GZH/ZGS fosters the cultural exchange through programming of events and the teaching of German and the official languages of Zimbabwe. As culture is a mirror of society, GZH/ZGS wants to challenge the thinking of Zimbabweans and Germans through intercultural social exchange.

Alliance Française de Harare

Alliance Française was created in Paris in 1883. The following year, it opened branches in Scandinavia (Copenhagen), in Latin America (Mexico) and in the Indian Ocean (Mauritius). In 1890 a branch was opened in Melbourne in Australia.

Today, it is the world’s largest network of French language teaching and cultural associations. In 2004, there were 1081 Alliances Françaises in 135 countries around the world (two in Zimbabwe : Harare and Bulawayo). Many people who are not of French nationality provide support to these Alliances Françaises in many aspects of their work.

Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust

The Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust (Culture Fund) is an independent, not for-profit, non-partisan and development-oriented civil society organisation, established in 2006. It is registered in accordance with the laws of Zimbabwe. The Fund focuses on investing in Zimbabwean cultural, artistic and heritage initiatives, to create more wealth and better lives for Zimbabweans.

The organisation was founded after the realisation that funding of cultural activities in Zimbabwe was inconsistent and piecemeal. Local stakeholders and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) therefore created an all-encompassing vehicle with the capacity to coordinate the various initiatives in Zimbabwe’s cultural and creative sector.

Since then, the Culture Fund has promoted a dynamic, diversified and sustainable culture sector imbued with Zimbabwean values and identity.


iWayAfrica is Africa's leading corporate data provider with points of presence in more than 40 countries. They provide customised solutions to Africa's local, national, pan-African and multinational enterprises. They offer a hybrid of access solutions and specialise in both satellite and terrestrial access services.