The British Council offers document certification services.

What do we mean by Certification?
If an employer or university requests verification of your results or certificate before offering a job or place, the British Council can verify copies of your IGCSE, Ordinary (O) Level, Advanced (A) Level, and AS-Level certificates as a true copy of the original document.
What should I provide?   
  • Original document/certificate
  • Copies of the original documents that you wish to get certified
  • Identification documents
How long does this procedure take?
This service is completed while you wait (except in circumstantial cases where all our approvers are out of office). 
How much does this service cost?
Please note that this is a paid service and you can pay using your USD bank debit/credit card via our Point of Sale (POS) machines which are available at our offices.
Our charges are:
  • USD 5 for up to 3 copies of the same certificate
  • USD10 for 6 copies of the same certificate
  • USD15 for 9 copies of the same certificate
Where do I go to certify my documents?
You can certify copies of your original certificates at the British Council office in Harare, at 16 Cork Road, Belgravia, Harare, or in Bulawayo at 2nd Floor West, Zimdef House, 102 Fort Street.
Please note that the following documents will not be certified by the British Council:
  • online print-outs
  • work/employment ID cards
  • letters “To Whom It May Concern”
  • IELTS Test Report Forms
  • letters of appointment/authorisation
  • documents not written in the English language
  • marriage certificates
  • any other non-academic documents
  • international passports
Also, note that photocopies will only be stamped upon presenting the original documents first.
What time can I visit your offices to certify my documents?
Our offices are open for certification Monday to Thursday from 09.00 hours to 14.00 hours
Payment instructions
Payment for this service is strictly done using your USD bank debit/credit card via the Point of Sale (POS) machine available at any of our offices.
If you encounter any challenges, please contact our Customer Service Team