Thursday 28 July 2016 -
17:30 to 19:30

British Council Zimbabwe invites you to a Management Express forum presentation with Dr Amon Simba                                                                                       

Topic    :   Generating social capital in globalised networks for growth and development in nascent entrepreneurial ventures 

Venue  :    Meikles Hotel   -  Mirabelle Room      

Date    :    Thursday,  28th July 2016

Time   :    17:30 – 19:30                                                                                    


The speaker

Dr Amon Simba PhD, MBA, BSc, PGCE, FHEA, is a senior lecturer in entrepreneurship and strategy at Nottingham Trent University UK. He completed his PhD in Business Management, with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, in 2014. Amon supervises PhD students in the field of entrepreneurship. His research focuses on born-global firms/international new ventures (INVs), networking, strategic management, entrepreneurship and regional economics. His recent paper won The Dean’s award for the Best Paper Early Career Research at Nottingham Business School (NBS). He has published in internationally recognised journals including: The Journal of Local Economy Policy Unit, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management and The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business. Amon is an Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (JSBE) and the Journal of Management and Sustainability (JMS) which is part of the Canadian Center of Science and Education. He is also a reviewer for the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), European International Business Academy (EIBA), JSBE and the International Interdisciplinary Business-Economics Advancement (IIBA). The speaker has developed links with the Swiss Hotel Management University Centre in Switzerland where he conducts guest lectures on research methods on a yearly basis.

The discussion will cover:   

Global markets are no longer dominated by multinational enterprises (MNEs) alone, international new ventures (INVs) or born globals are increasingly becoming serious contenders in terms of employment & wealth creation as well as revenue generation. In seeking to penetrate global markets they often rely on their entrepreneurial behaviours. Specifically, these nascent but entrepreneurial firms often take advantage of existing and newly developed networks, both domestically and internationally, to expand their business operations while establishing unique advantages. They are quick to recognise business opportunities and they redirect their efforts to influence economic transformation regardless of their location. In doing so, they appear to take advantage of technological advancements, market liberalisation and integrated economies to mitigate the impact of their small sizes and limited resources by forging global networks. In light of the above, this seminar explores various strategies nascent, proactive and risk taking entrepreneurial ventures use to take advantages of the opportunities globalised markets offer including funding. 

At the end of the presentation 

 Delegates will know the importance of developing networks as a powerful business model and an expansion strategy into foreign markets

 They will become aware of the processes involved in bridging knowledge gaps as well as building unique resources including finance for competitive advantage in nascent but entrepreneurial firms

 Delegates will also develop an in-depth understanding of the power of networks in facilitating the growth and development of nascent and entrepreneurial ventures