School children
Bulawayo Schools Music Project

Revitalising music teaching and performance

In May 2012 an extremely successful project, The Song of the Carnivores, was run by the Zimbabwe Academy of Music in partnership with Bulawayo schools and the Zoological Society of London. Financial support for the project was provided by the British Friends of the Zimbabwe Academy of Music and the British Council.  

The success of the project illustrated that both a love of, and talent for, music were still very much alive in Bulawayo, and that there was increasing interest and enthusiasm to revive the tradition and create a new generation of both artists and teachers.

The momentum of the initial project could not be lost, hence the development and delivery of the Bulawayo Schools Music Project. 

This project aims to ultimately revitalise the teaching and performance of all genres of music in Bulawayo, both in schools and at the Academy of Music, by building capacity within the existing and potential music-teaching community of the city.

The Bulawayo Schools Music Project is being carried out in partnership with the British Friends of Zimbabwe Academy of Music and the Zimbabwe Academy of Music.

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