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Please see below for FAQs regarding the exams.

Which IELTS test should I book?

What you want to use your IELTS for will determine which test you should take. It is best you confirm this from the receiving organisation.

IELTS can help you with a variety of life choices, like moving abroad, getting the job you have always wanted, or even just improving your English language skills. Before you book your test,be sure to check which one is right for you. You can find out more information here

How do I book and pay for my IELTS test?

• Registration for IELTS is quick and easy.

Step one - Find your nearest IELTS test location. There are two Test Centres in Zimbabwe at the addresses below.

British Council Harare, 16 Cork Road, Belgravia, Harare and British Council Bulawayo, 2nd Floor, Zimdef House, 102 Fort Street, Bulawayo

Step two - Register for your IELTS test

Registration and payment for IELTS are both done online. Use this link to apply for your test 

Do not forget to upload your valid identity document. You will also need to present the same identity document on the day of the test.

Step three - Your IELTS test is booked

Once your application has been processed and confirmed, you will receive an automatic response via email. Download our Information for Candidates booklet for more information regards your IELTS test.

Which locations in Zimbabwe can I write IELTS with the British Council?

In Harare, you can write - UKVI, Life Skills and Standard IELTS

In Bulawayo, you can write - Standard IELTS only

I booked to write the wrong IELTS test and would like to apply for a refund

Follow this link to learn more about the UKVI refund policy and apply for a refund 

Follow this link to apply for a UKVI refund click here to apply for a refund

Follow this link for other non- UKVI refunds policy

Please contact our customer services team directly for further assistance using this email address

How long does the refund process take?

You will receive a refund three weeks after you have provided all documents required for a refund to be processed.

I am having challenges paying online

An online payment failure could be attributed to the following:

- An inactive card that has either expired or isn’t enabled for online transaction – please contact your bank

- Insufficient balance on the cards

- Wrong card details input – review data again before submitting payment

My registration status is displaying ‘Booked awaiting approval’

There is a verification process that needs to be completed before your booking is approved. Once done, you should receive a confirmation note, but if this doesn’t happen three days after your online payment has been made, please contact our customer service team on

My portal is saying there are no upcoming exams

Ensure you have used the right link and you are on the correct portal when you launch the test taker portal on your browser. 

Standard IELTS


I cannot view my results online

Use your email address to log onto the test taker portal and be sure you are using the correct link to access your test results.

What am I allowed to bring into the test room?

Only pens, pencils, and erasers. Additionally, you must bring the passport/national identity card you used on the IELTS application form to the test.

How are IELTS results delivered?

Results are sent to candidates via courier services to the physical address (in Zimbabwe only) provided on the registration form. If you do not receive your results seven days after the publishing of online results, please contact our Customer Service team on

Is it possible to collect my Test Report Form (TRF) from British Council office not through courier?

It is possible to collect your TRF upon prior arrangements. Submit request of Help Desk available at test venue to enable our venue staff to take note of your request.

I have not received my TRF, what could be the problem?

Send an email to to enquire about the late delivery of your Test Report Form or call our Harare or Bulawayo office for assistance.

o Harare: 0242 – 701658 – 62

o Bulawayo: 02992 – 75815/6

I have forgotten my login password to access the Test Taker Portal

To reset your password, click forget password on the portal, and you will receive an email to reset your password. Complete the process and attempt login.

I have received a notification with a change to the date and time of my speaking test. Does this change also affect the date and time of my written test?

Please check the Test Taker portal for latest updates. Any changes to the exam date, time, or venue, will be reflected on the test taker portal

I brought the wrong ID to the test venue and was not allowed to sit for the test

Please contact our customer service team on 0242 – 701658 – 62 (Harare) and 02992 – 75815/6 (Bulawayo) to apply for a transfer.