When you’re planning to move your life abroad, it helps to be well prepared to thrive in an industry where the demand for international skills is high. Countries like Australia are a popular choice for professionals who take IELTS for a variety of reasons, including a world-class lifestyle, a stable economy and diverse, welcoming communities. If you’re hoping to stand out in a competitive job market in a specialised industry in Australia, the tips below can help you get started. 

Understand the gaps in the job market

Moving abroad is a great way to make a career change or create future opportunities for your family. Do your research to understand which industries are hiring and why. Make sure you take the correct IELTS test for as part of your job application requirements by checking with the organisation you have applied to work at. 

If you’re considering a career switch, healthcare workers are in high demand all over the world, but especially in Australia. Due to an increased demand for a range of healthcare services, the Australian government is investing in solutions to close the gaps in services for local communities, including hiring skilled people from all over the world. You don’t have to be a GP to succeed in the healthcare industry in Australia; nursing jobs are most in demand in the country, followed by mental health professionals according to GlobalHealth Education Australia.

Take a specialised course

Once you understand which industries you could work in, make yourself a more impressive candidate by developing a speciality within an industry. If you’ve studied nursing, you could expand your scope to women and children’s health, chronic care or even management. 

If you want to make a career switch and you already have a degree in a subject like Science or Math, you could study a postgraduate teaching degree and become qualified as a primary or secondary school teacher. With fewer Australians choosing to study teaching and more families emigrating to the country, educational roles are in very high demand.

A good band score on your IELTS test can also help you gain a competitive edge when you begin your job hunt. When you take IELTS with us, we can send copies of your IELTS Test Report Form to the organisations you have applied to work at. 

Take an IELTS test

Whether you continue on your current career path or make a switch, an IELTS test will be part of your requirements to apply for a role in Australia. Organisations rely on IELTS to ensure that candidates can communicate adequately in English before they move to an English-speaking country. Confirm which IELTS test you should take with the institution you plan to apply to work at. Register for IELTS with the British Council and you can access our most comprehensive preparation course, IELTS Ready Premium, for free.

IELTS Ready Premium offers extensive coverage of each section of the IELTS test including Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. As the world’s most trusted English test, IELTS is accepted all over Australia and many other countries around the world.   

Make connections online

Use technology to make connections abroad to kickstart your job search. Keep in touch with the people you’ve studied with and keep track of new developments in their careers. Social media is a great way to identify people in your network who could help you get a foot in the door or guide you in the right direction.

Expand your professional network on LinkedIn and keep your profile up to date for recruiters. Once you’ve landed a few remote interviews, make it easy for potential future employers to be able to find information about you online and see you as a good fit for their company.  

Most importantly, stay safe in your search for a new career opportunity abroad. There are plenty of reputable agencies and well-known companies that recruit international professionals for popular industries like healthcare and education that you can reach out to. For smaller industries, do plenty of research to understand the market and find a reliable opportunity.

Take the next step and own your future with an exciting new career in Australia! Register for IELTS today.