While thousands of people with dreams of an international career emigrate to countries like Australia every year, those who work in healthcare and social services are most in demand. Consider how taking an IELTS test and getting a relevant qualification can help you benefit from the high demand for all kinds of medical professionals and social workers in Australia. 

Opportunities in Australia

While the pandemic is over, the shortage of healthcare workers in Australia has not subsided due to an ageing population and an increased demand for mental health services.

According to the Australian Healthcare Practitioner Regulation Agency, more than 27000 internationally trained practitioners have registered to work in Australia since 2022. This includes more than 15 000 nurses and midwives.

The number of international professionals working in social care in Australia has also grown and continues to grow. The Australian Bureau of Statistics notes that more than 40% of registered nurses, aged and disabled carers in 2021 were born outside of Australia. All these professionals have taken an IELTS test as part of their job application requirements. You can book IELTS on Computer or IELTS on Paper with the British Council as both tests are the same and the choice depends on your personal preference. 

Which roles are most in demand? 

While the demand for GPs will always remain high, especially in rural areas across Australia’s vast landscape, there are also a variety of other healthcare roles that need to be filled. Global Health Education Australia lists nursing as the most in demand job as Health Workforce Australia predicts a shortage of over 100 000 nurses by 2025.As the mental health sector grows, the country is also looking for counsellors, psychologists and telehealth specialists. 

Preparing for IELTS is a great way to strengthen your English skills before you embark on a global medical career. Taking an IELTS test gives potential employers in Australia the confidence that you can communicate efficiently in English and perform well in your new role abroad. 

Achieve your goal of a career in Australia

Once you have the qualification you need to practise your profession in Australia, do plenty of research to find out what other requirements should be met. For example, if you want to work as a nurse in Australia, you need to apply and be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia and meet specific visa requirements – read more here. If you want to practise as a physiotherapist, you’ll need to register with a different board within the Australian Healthcare Practitioner Regulator Agency.

Check which IELTS test you should take and what your minimum required IELTS band score will be, by confirming with the institution you plan on applying to work at.  The British Council can support you with free access to our most popular preparation course, IELTS Ready Premium. Simply register for your test with us today and make your move to a career experience in Australia!